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10/05/2018 Newborn, Session Tips

What to expect at your newborn photography session with Rhiannon Neale Photography
(and a few tips for making the most of your shoot)

Planning your newborn photography session and wondering what to expect? If this is your first baby, those first few days at home can be a big adjustment and chances are you won’t be in any kind of routine. Over the years, many mums have admitted to me that they felt a bit stressed anticipating their newborn photography session, worrying about things like their baby not settling or feeling uncomfortable during the shoot, and feeling awkward themselves in front of the camera, especially so soon after giving birth. I became a mum in July 2017 and I understand those feelings completely, but I hope this post will help set your mind at ease. In any case, I can proudly report that my clients who were concerned before our sessions came to me with feedback afterwards and admitted that they had worried for nothing- rest assured you’re in good hands.

What to expect from your newborn photography session

My newborn sessions are very relaxed and comfortable, with no strict schedules or rigid timelines. Often babies take a little while to settle and they might need a couple of cuddle or feeding breaks throughout our shoot. This is encouraged- if your baby needs a break at any time we are best to stop and wait until he or she is ready. After all, a content baby makes for much better photos!

Sidenote: Please do not feel stressed or concerned if your little one becomes fussy or takes some time to settle, it’s to be expected with new babies and after a decade of photographing newborns, I’m used to it. I promise to remain patient and calm- there’s no rush and we will take as much time as needed our time to ensure I get great photos of your family.

I will split our session into two parts, capturing your baby on his/her own as well as getting some shots of you together as a family. If your little one has any siblings or if there are any family pets you’d like to include, they are more than welcome to participate too.

It’s very important to me that your baby feel comfortable throughout our session, as such I work with a baby led style of newborn photography, which means that I won’t be posing your baby unnaturally or uncomfortably, and instead will focus on capturing your baby’s natural positions and movements.

I will bring along a small selection of props for our session for you to choose from. I tend to use props minimally so the focus is on your baby, but I am happy to include any outfits, props or special items you have into the session as well.

Bathing, feeding and reading to your baby make for great opportunities to capture honest, candid interactions between you and your little one- I would highly recommend we do at least one of these things during our session to capture some real, intimate moments.

The main focus of a lifestyle newborn photography session is on real interactions and movements rather than these posed shots- so if your baby won’t sleep please don’t stress! If your baby is awake for our session I will capture those special first movements, from curious looks to stretches and yawns- these make for great photos.

Some tips for a relaxed newborn photography session:

  • Choose a room (or rooms) with lots of natural light if possible. Rooms with big windows are ideal- but I can make any space work! Many parents like to use their bedroom or the baby’s nursery for photos, both are great options. Natural light is always my first choice, but I will have a backup lighting option in place in case we need it.
  • Keep the room (or rooms) you’d like to use for your session nice and warm. A good rule of thumb is if it’s too warm for you, it’s probably perfect for your baby! The warmer the room, the better chance we have of obtaining sleeping shots of your little one. If you have a space heater, we can set this up in the room to make sure your wee one stays nice and toasty.
  • If you have any special blankets, cuddly toys, keepsakes or outfits that you would like to include in our session lay them out ahead of time so they are ready to use.
  • If you can feed your little one just before I am due to arrive that typically results in a happy, sleepy baby for photos! If this doesn’t work out on the day please don’t worry, we can take a feeding break whenever needed during our session.
  • What should I dress my baby in for our newborn photography session? This is I take a minimalist approach to newborn photography, with the focus on your baby rather than their outfit/accessories. Most parents prefer the majority of their images to have their baby just in a nappy (and partially covered with a blanket or wrap) but its nice to have a mix and include some clothed photos too. Some parents choose a favourite baby grow or vest, and others dress their baby in a little outfit. If you have a cute hat, headband or accessory you’d like photos in you can bring those out as well.
  • What should I wear for our newborn photography session? The most important thing is that you feel comfortable (as a mum myself, I realize this is easier said than done after recently giving birth)! Loose, flowy shirts & dresses work well, and single colours and simple patterns typically work best. Some mums wear a long t-shirt and jeans and others stick with a maxi dress- whatever you feel most comfortable in. Most of the shots I take will be focused on your face/arms/upper body, and your interactions with your baby so there’s no need to stress too much about you wear. Dads can wear a t-shirt or jumper, just keep in mind that the plain colours or simple patterns tend to work best.

What to expect after your session:

I will have a sneak peek of images from your session ready to share within one to two weeks of our session date. These are shared on social media (facebook & instagram) unless you have requested otherwise. I also choose some of my favourite sessions to blog on my website.

Your edited, high resolution images will be ready for you in approximately four to six weeks. I go through all of the images taken at your session and choose the best ones to edit for you. Images that were taken as test shots, have awkward facial expressions or blurred movement or didn’t turn out for any reason will not be included but everything else will! Each session is different, but a typical lifestyle session results in a minimum of 40 edited images. Your images will be available in an online gallery for easy sharing with family & friends, and will also be put onto a usb and popped over to you in the post.

If you would like to order a fine art album or photo book, wall art, or prints these items can be added on to your package at any time. All items are sourced through a local printer and are fully guaranteed for quality. There is no obligation to order any products through me, but I must note that I cannot guarantee the quality of products ordered yourself.

That’s a lot to read, so if you’ve skimmed through most of that and ended up here (no judging!) just remember that lifestyle sessions are relaxed and fun, and all about enjoying some time with your new baby while I snap some lovely photos for you to remember this very special time by.

If you have any questions or would like to chat further about your session please don’t hesitate to get in touch!