Newborn Photography

Natural Newborn Photographer Glasgow, Scotland


Why book a newborn photography session?

The first days of life at home with your new baby will be a blur, and over before you know it. (I became a mum myself last year, and can now vouch for this personally- it’s true!) Your newborn baby will change & grow every day, and soon their teeny tiny fingers & toes won’t be so teeny tiny anymore. Those first yawns, baths, and feeds are some of the most precious moments you’ll ever experience, and they truly don’t last for long. Capturing this time in photographs means not only will you have a visual reminder of your baby’s first days, but that you’ll have beautiful images to show them one day, and for them to share with many generations to come.  Many parents have shared their regret of not getting professional newborn photos of their baby in those first few weeks, realizing when it’s already too late that all they have from this special time are some blurry iphone photos. It’s true what they say- once these treasured moments are gone, there’s no getting them back!


Why book with Rhiannon Neale Photography?

As someone who doesn’t love getting their own photo taken, I understand that this can be a stressful, uncomfortable experience. As a mother myself, I also understand that babies are unpredictable, and they don’t always cooperate when we want them to. Being aware of both of these concerns, I’ve developed a style & approach that creates a comfortable, relaxing experience for both you and your baby. Aside from being a friendly, easy going person, my approach to newborn photography (as with all my work) is relaxed- there are no rigid timelines or strict schedules and your baby can have as many cuddle & feed breaks as they need! I take a natural, lifestyle approach to newborn photography (more on that below) and my sessions are baby led, focusing on your baby’s natural positions & movements (more on this below too). I’ve been photographing newborns for close to a decade now, and that experience, combined with my patient and calm approach ensures a positive experience both for you and your baby.

So what exactly is baby led newborn photography?

Baby led newborn photography is just that: a photography session led by the natural movements, interactions and positions of your baby. Instead of manipulating your baby into unnatural, uncomfortable poses, he or she is allowed to relax into their surroundings as they naturally would. As a natural newborn photographer, my goal is to capture these real life movements and interactions between your baby and the world around them.

Will you still do those cute, sleepy newborn poses?

Yes, we can do some lightly posed photos of your baby if you’d like. You’ll notice even these poses are done quite naturally, using wraps to keep you baby comfortable and warm. I will bring a selection of wraps for you to choose from, and we can include any small props that you have as well. Please note that if you are hoping for these lightly posed images, your session is best booked in the first ten days of your baby’s life.

What exactly is a lifestyle newborn photography?

As a lifestyle newborn photographer in Glasgow, I offer newborn photography sessions in the comfort of your own home. This allows me to capture the natural, genuine interactions between you and your baby (and your other children and pets too!) in your own surroundings.  Lifestyle photography sessions are very relaxed and mostly candid- with very minimal posing and instead a focus on documenting the real moments of your first days with your newest family member. Lifestyle newborn sessions can be booked for anytime but I would recommend booking yours before your baby reaches one month old to capture that “newborn” stage.

How long does a newborn session last?

Newborn sessions typically last about two hours, but each one is different! Session times vary dependant on the baby, size of your family and what kind of a day your wee one is having. Babies are unpredictable, and as such there are no strict timelines or rigid schedules. Please note that there is no charge if your session runs longer than planned.

Can our other children be involved in the session? How about our pets?

Absolutely, this is encouraged! Siblings are more than welcome to participate in the shoot, and I always suggest at least a few photos with mums and dads too. The majority of the session will focus on your newborn, but we will save some time for sibling and family photos as well. Pets are encouraged to take too- after all, they are part of the family!

What happens if my baby just won’t cooperate?

If your baby is having a tough day, or just won’t settle, we can rearrange your newborn photo shoot at no cost to you. Whether you phone the morning of because your wee one had a rough night, or arrive at my Glasgow photography studio only to find that your baby just isn’t in the mood, there is no point pushing them for photos when they aren’t feeling 100%. This is a policy I have always offered, as babies are unpredictable and our session won’t feel relaxed & enjoyable produce if your baby (or you!) are feeling stressed.

How much will my newborn photography session cost?

My newborn photography session is £300 for a digital only package, with options to add on wall products, prints and fine art albums & photobooks. There are no hidden charges or fees and printing rights to your digital images are also included in your package price. You can choose between a baby led newborn photography session which is done in my West End Glasgow photography studio, or a lifestyle newborn photography session which is done in the comfort of your own home.

What areas do you cover for newborn photography in Scotland?

I offer the following services for natural newborn photography:

  • Newborn photography studio Glasgow West End
  • Natural newborn photographer Glasgow
  • Natural newborn photographer Ayrshire
  • Natural newborn photographer Lanarkshire
  • Lifestyle newborn photographer Glasgow
  • Lifestyle newborn photographer Ayrshire
  • Lifestyle newborn photographer Lanarkshire


How do I book a newborn photography session?

If you’re looking for a professional newborn photographer in Glasgow, Ayrshire or Lanarkshire, you’ve come to the right place! Sessions are offered in my Glasgow photography studio or in the comfort of your own home. Newborn photo shoots are available to book up to six months in advance and tend to book up quickly (especially in the summer months) so please get in touch to reserve your date today!